Learning Rhythms FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Learning Rhythms FAQ: Everything You Need to Know


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If you’re new here, welcome! On this page, you will find a wealth of information regarding Learning Rhythms and how we use them in our home. This is literally everything you need to know about how we use Learning Rhythms. I’ve even included some ideas for you!

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What are Learning Rhythms?

Learning Rhythms are the ways that we connect and learn together as a family throughout the day. They don’t have to be planned out or forced. They become the ways that we engage with each other and the heartbeat of our home.

Is this a curriculum?

The simple answer is no! Homeschool curricula have their place, but I’m talking about the ways that we learn when there aren’t boxes to check off. They’re the ways that we learn as we go instead of in our seats. We’re Learning Rhythms, Not Curriculum.  Still worried about checking off boxes? Check out what I didn’t do with my preschoolers before you give up completely.

How does Reading Aloud work in real life?

With all of the benefits of reading aloud, why is it so hard to start? Maybe you have a reluctant listener. Maybe it’s embarrassing how difficult it is to tear your kids from screens for a bit. There are many reasons why it’s hard to start reading aloud, but I hope that I can give you a few tips for making it work in your home.

How do Bedtime Routines work in real life?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the importance of bedtime routines before. But have you considered how this daily time together strengthens family bonds? I share some of our bedtime stories and songs here. Maybe some of the ideas I share will help you rev up your bedtime routine.

How does Enjoying Movies and TV work in real life?

Sometimes it really is as simple as just watching a show or movie together, but can it go deeper than that? Most definitely! I share my own experiences and some ideas for involving younger kids who may not appreciate the art of quoting your favorite movies just yet.

How does Enjoying Music work in real life?

We all have fond memories associated with certain songs. Have you thought about bringing that idea home? There are so many fun songs that you can share with your kids and start building your own memories today!

How does Reading Poetry work in real life?

Wait. Poetry? Really? Reading poetry to young children may seem like a waste of time, but poetry is powerful. Not only does it reinforce rhyming and word choice, but it also teaches our vocal cadence and increases vocabulary. Still not convinced? Allow me to introduce you to my favorite poetry anthologies for both younger kids and older.

How does Enjoying Meals work in real life?

Mealtime may be the easiest to pass by. But what about sitting down and savoring a meal together? What can we add to the experience to make it more special? And how can we engage even the smallest of persons in a rhythm that focuses on food and family? I’ll share some of our ideas here, and I hope you’ll share some of yours, too.

How does Playing Outside work in real life?

What tools do you need before your kids play outside? What if I told you that you already had everything you need: imagination, sticks, and water? Is it really that easy?! Yes! I’ll share how my three children play outside and even share how I find alone time as an introvert.

Have any other questions? Be sure to email them to me at jenifferssmith @ gmail . com or leave a comment below! I read every single one, and I’ll do my best to answer them.