One of my favorite things to do is to sit outside and listen to the birds sing, the wind blow, or the rain pour. The sound of a creek pouring over and through rocks calms my mind and quickens my soul. Like the creek, watching watercolor spread and merge gives my soul a place to rest and settle for a bit. Creating new colors, like following an unwritten recipe, marries order and chaos. A little blue, a little green, and suddenly the image breathes life in a whole new way.

With three young children running around, my days become a balancing act. Order and chaos find new meaning in how I orient my days, hopefully finding some time to enjoy my paints as well as my children. I find that adding a little warmth, a little music, a little joy breathes life into our days. They become filled with hygge, even if they aren’t always the most ordered. You can follow this dance of order and chaos on Instragram at @smith_jeniffer.

If you are interested in having an original commission made by me, please email me at jenifferssmith {at} gmail {dot} com. I’d love to talk to you about making a one-of-a-kind piece for you.