5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Winter

5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Winter


It’s officially winter here, which means that energies are still high even though it’s too cold to go outside and run off this steam. We’re barely into our hibernation, and I’m already exhausted! Having three high energy children will do that! Here are some ways that I keep kids busy during winter.

Here are some ways that I keep kids busy during winter.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

My oldest (6) especially loves the stories on this YouTube channel. The method is more about having fun with the poses and the story than about the woo that freaks me out. It gets my daughters moving in fun ways, too. We’ll be using them a good bit this winter.

Dance Parties

These have always been a hit here. On the really hard days, sometimes it’s just easier to start over with music and dancing. And it’s so much easier with Amazon Prime’s music app (probably my favorite app find this year!) We can add all sorts of music and jam out to whatever! So fun!

Separate Play Areas

When things get too crazy, sometimes it’s just easier to send them each to separate areas to either play or nap. If there’s fighting or one sister is being too annoying, one goes to their room. Yes, they all share one room. Because of this, they are separated into the bedroom, playroom, and living room. (Sometimes I’ll even separate one into the bath tub. Because sanity.)

Lots of School Work

It would be awesome to take weeks off from school. However, when I do, my three become even more creative (and destructive.) I’m talking about paper drawn on, painted on, and scattered everywhere. Things that are just. not. okay. Now, we don’t do a ton of school work. We have plenty of days where we can have open play. But some days, when it’s been too long between lessons, they need the mental stimulation. Desperately. And so do I.

Organized Chaos

The reality is that many days, there’s just organized chaos around here. I cannot keep up with them, and most days, I don’t even try. Yes, we do work on cooperation and learning how to keep our home clean. Yes, we play outside when we can. Yes, they have responsibilities. But even on our best days, it’s mostly organized chaos.


There’s always love and understanding. But I’m just one Mama with three little girls, all ages 3-6. And I’m already more of a Type B personality, so keeping clutter at bay is always a challenge. So, some days, I smile, say it’s good enough, and turn on the TV until their daddy gets home.

How do you keep busy on these cold winter days? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to sign up for emails and follow me on Instagram!

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